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Last Updated  May 20 2014.  All material copywrite protected.        



In Martensville serving Martensville, Warman, Osler, Rosthern, Aberdeen, Dalmeny, Langham, Waldheim, Blaine Lake, surrounding area, and, of course, our loyal friends from Saskatoon.

Opening Day Update,  May 20, 2014

This spring has been a "character builder" for the management and staff at the Little Tree Nursery.  Please bear with us as we continue to make our Garden Centre into a very pleasant place to visit.

  • Because our plants are all grown and wintered right on site, they are still mostly asleep from a long cold winter.  It will require 4 or 5 warm days with sunshine for them to leaf out.
  • As late as Thursday, May 15, there were still plants that we couldn't move from their winter mulch because they were solidly frozen to the ground.
  • Over one inch of rain today (and it's still raining) has made the unmulching of plants into very slow arduous work for our crew because the plants will be very wet and soggy for at least another few days.
  • On the bright side, the plants have wintered very well except for a little bit of winter burn on a few of the evergreens.
  • SPRING and SUMMER are coming... you will see!!

Opening Day for 2014 is Saturday, May 01   (Weather Dependant)

Dea and I must start by thanking all our wonderful customers and friends for making the 2013 Season the best ever.  We are very pleased to have been of service and will  do our best to be deserving of your continued support. 

Please note that the tree and shrub area will not be fully stocked until about the middle of May.  It's a big job to get them out of their winter storage.  We do not ship in plants from warmer climates.  



Clement Farms Greenhouses and Garden Centres 

Starting about May 01 Clement Farms will be offering a full line of the best bedding plants and perennials from our location in Martensville.  

Web Site is still under construction. 

Thank you to all those who continue to visit out Web Site even though the updates for 2014 are not finished yet.  I will be working hard to make our site the Site of Choice for all things landscaping and gardening.  Stay tuned.

Thirteenth Anniversary in Martensville

How the time flies!  We continue to enjoy our amazing crew.  Together it seems we are able to produce a product that improves every year. 

We will be delighted to see you.